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We fired the


We feel that this is a reality

that needs addressing.

A consumer alert.

Unfortunately, Armadillo is often called upon to repair rubber issues caused by 'the other guys'. Shoddy workmanship caused by cutting corners, skimping on rubber materials coupled with hasty paving installations to save time, and paired with unskilled, often illegal workers to save money and to line their pockets.....your money is out the window. As in all things purchased, consumers can be misled, misinformed and pushed into making hasty decisions. Check credentials! Ask for references! What is the company history and when did they legally begin their business? Fair questions that reputable rubber paving companies are happy to answer. Don't hesitate to ask for written verification if they are not one of the old standing, trusted and familiar names in Rubber Paving. If they ask you for cash upfront, as in no paper trail with your cheque or credit card? Buyer Beware. If 'the other guys' tell you to drive by some addresses to see 'their' rubber paving work, ask to speak to the customer who lives there. There's a very good chance that it's not 'their' work. And the oldest trick in the book. If the price sounds too good to be true? IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! Why can they offer a price so much lower than all of the other older and more reputable companies on the Island? Shop apples to apples. Are they : licensed; for how long? insured WorkSafeBC Better Business Bureau A+ Chamber of Commerce BCTire Stewardship do they have a street address for their business? or a PO Box disguised as one? can you visit their office or showroom? Trust the ORIGINAL Vancouver Island rubber surfacing company, Armadillo Surface Solutions. For rubber paving and safety surfacing, we are your safe and trustworthy solution. ....we fired the competition.
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